The Bruce Lee of the Nineties


See M2J2K1 for details. This version features Boabus doing lead vocals during the verse ("See you in the street...") and originally had him speaking a line at the end when the song finishes - "Do I detect some anger there ?" which for some reason, we forgot to ever record.

Fu Manchu

The mosh-pit anthem. Floyd wrote this Boxing Day '99..." I'd had a yoghurt of truth and watched Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai", so I was kind of in an oriental vibe anyway. Benny's about and he's talking to someone about something completely unrelated and he says "D'you like Cat Stevens ?". I'm totally monged and I hear this and I just start word-associating - "D'you like Henry's Cat ? D'you like Katmandu ? D'you like Fu Manchu Manchu Manchu ?" (now you know what the middle 8 is on about) - and as soon as I said it, I thought "There's a song in there". As it was a cheesy oriental song, I ripped off a Japanese scale and based the riff on that."

Cosmic's evil laugh is a triumph.

  "It made me hard." - Craig David

My Brother Is A Monkey

One day Boabus says " We should write the theme tune to a fictional fifties sitcom. The sitcom is called "My Brother Is A Monkey" and it's about a boy who's brother happens to be a monkey". Who wouldn't be inspired ? Couldn't resist the Ren And Stimpy ending.

Are You There Moriarty ?

Stedman's Dad actually gave us the idea for this one. He told us about this game they used to play in the Navy, where you had to lie face down and blindfolded, head-to-head with your opponent. You're armed with a rolled-up newspaper and you have to shout "Are you there, Moriarty ?" and then try and swipe them. Or something like that. Stedman added the Sherlock Holmes stylings. For those concerned, we used the word "queer" in the final verse because "odd" doesn't rhyme with "beer". Incidentally, that last verse breakdown was one of our first dabblings with Hip Hop-type rhythms.

Yogurts Of Truth

Stoned Banana Splits-inspired psychedelia. If you've ever had a yoghurt of truth, you know what we're saying. Even WE can't explain where some of the lyrics came from. We'd been listening to a lot of CSN&Y, so that may explain the Stephen Stills allusion, and I believe we had a yellow rubber ball about the place as well, but the rest of it ? Who knows ? I remember we spent about an hour discussing what colour the twelve lakes of love should be. One of Sted's first solos and Cosmic's Axl Rose-meets-David Bowie croonings are priceless.

Warriors Of Metal

A tribute to 80's cheese Metal. We LOVE that stuff - Dio, Maiden, Priest, Twisted Sister, Manowar, you know the score. To pronounce it properly, you have to say "Warriors" so it rhymes with "Lawyers". Stedman rips out the shredding wah-wah licks and I represent EVH-style. Cosmic's finest hour bar none.
The Eagle Has Landed

We had all these crazy rockin' Metal tunes and nothing to kick back and chill to, so we came up with this stoned funk. Boz sometimes struggled with interpreting the Unit sound, but he nailed it on this one. This version includes a dreamy electric piano solo from the Pardo and ethereal flute warblings courtesy of Cos.

  Suck Satan's Cock

The first Bill Hicks-inspired track we wrote, dedicated to manufactured musicians everywhere. Originally, this one had a spoken intro over the funk part where a no-talent band agrees to sign away all musical integrity for a fat cheque from an A&R guy named Hank Beelzebub from Azagoth Records. Don't know why it's not on here. Yoghurts of truth probably. There were also keyboard solos in the gaps in the midsection, which even to this day, have yet to be replaced.
Spider In The Bath

When we all lived in Birchfield Road we were plagued by a dog-sized spider that inhabited our bath, hence this ditty. Boabus again takes lead vocals on the verse, with Boz contributing helium-powered back ups in the middle eight. We even had the sound of a gurgling plug hole at the end of the original, which we forgot to record again. Then again, these were just demos.


Released: March 1999
Recorded: Jan - Mar 1999 at home
Equipment Used: Tascam 488MkII analog 8-track, Alesis digital multi-effect unit, Realistic mics.

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