Full Name: Floyd L. Scaramanga
Does: Guitars, Backing Vocals, Drum Programming
Womb exodus: 27th October, 1970 Northampton England
Previous bands: The Take II Crew, Rhyme And Reason, GodSent Messiahs Of Metal, The Narly Undesirables Of Bossa Nova, Potentially Unstable, Singularity
Floyd's musical career began on vocals, at about age 7, singing in School and County choirs and appearing in the odd musical. He briefly studied piano at age 8 before taking up the trumpet at age 9. He went on to play at school and County levels throughout his teens, playing in concert bands, swing bands, jazz bands, brass ensembles and orchestras.

Hiphop's emergence in the early '80s led him to form a rap crew, the Take II Crew, which grew into Rhyme And Reason. (Crew members Maestro and KLA went on to appear on the Evil Ed Remix of The Shamen's "Make It Mine", with Lex eventually appearing as part of Blueboy, who had the chart hit "Remember Me").A growing interest in the electric guitar started by Eddie Van Halen's "Beat It" solo, drew him into the seedy world of '80s cheese metal.

At age 20, Floyd began to teach himself guitar, but showing none of the dexterity of his heroes, he turned his back on a life of virtuosic solos and began to write his own songs almost immediately. A series of bands ensued, GSM (a covers band playing tunes by LA Guns, Tyketto, Saigon Kick and The Scream), then the Narly Undesirables, which became Potentially Unstable, who also featured Unit vocalist-to-be Cosmic.

After a couple of demos and private gigs, this band drowned in its own vomit. In the summer of '96, Floyd met fellow guitarist/songwriter Stedman Cool through a mutual work colleague and the two began jamming and writing together, forming Singularity. After Singularity finally faded out of existence in '99, Cool and Scaramanga made a dramatic stylistic leap forming Pig Unit.

Floyd Uses:

Ibanez MP3 and RG550 Guitars
Laney World Series 120R Amp
Korg AX1000G multieffect unit
D'Addario strings


Eddie Van Halen, Paul Gilbert, Robbie Robertson, Chank Nolan, Catfish Collins, Wally Farkas, Bernard Purdie, Billy Cobham, Idris Muhammed, Harvey Mason, Tiki Fulwood, John Guerin, Scott Travis, Gene Hoglan, Dave Lee Roth, Dio, Van Halen, Racer X, Galactic Cowboys, Devin Townsend, Sly Stone, Funkadelic, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Lalo Schifrin, David Axelrod, Quannum, Arsonsists, Run DMC, Kid Rock, Ice T, The Band, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Banana Splits.
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