House Party Ardington Road
This was our debut public performance. Well, semi-public. So it was in our lounge, but hey, there were loads of people there that we didnít know (no thanks to Phil). This was with our original line-up of me, Sted and Boab, Cosmic on vocals and Boz Pardo on keys. Abiding memories include Sted losing it totally in the first three songs, and Cosmic ending every song by saying "Good olí" - Good olí Fu Manchu, Good olí Yoghurts, Good olí Metal.., yeah.
Set List:

1. Cyberpsycho
2. Fu Manchu
3. My Brother Is A Monkey
4. Are You There Moriarty ?
5. The Eagle Has Landed
6. Warriors Of Metal
7. Yoghurts Of Truth
8. Suck Satanís Cock
9. Spider In The Bath
10. My Brother Is A Monkey

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