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The Rocking Horse, The Racehorse, Northampton
Kate's birthday

This was a momentous gig for three reasons :

1. It was for our friend Kate’s birthday
2. It was our first gig with the drum machine again for ages
3. We unleashed the phenomenon known as Rocky R. Rockwell onto an unsuspecting world

Once again, the onstage sound was Quaker-like (not quaker-like) in consistency, which meant that I was the only person who could actually hear the drum track. I played to the drums, Boab played to me and Sted played to Boab. Amazingly, we only came unstuck once, at the start of Ape S…, but damage limitation was swift and effective.

Highlight was undoubtedly Rockwell’s performance, particularly on Beaver’s Mountain. His Val Doonican seating manoeuvre was inspired. Getting the chance to do Enter The Dragon again was also really cool. There were also an overwhelming number of heroic stances struck throughout the night, including Floyd’s “Present Arms” and Boabus’s “In The Saddle” (see photos for evidence).

1. Magic Monkey juice
2. Fu Manchu
3. Mongoose And Snake
4. Are You There, Moriaty ?
5. Ape Shit
6. Northampton Rocks
7. Bullshit Mr. Han Man
8. Enter The Dragon
9. Beaver's Mountain
10. Jaguar Wong Is Afraid Of Nothing
11. Shatner's Lounge
12. (To Be) Number One
13. Unit's In Da House
14. Warriors Of Metal

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