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The Back Garden, The Racehorse, Northampton

Some people are a lot happier playing in front of people they don't know. Me, I'm the opposite. Don't know why, but nothing gets me up for a gig more than knowing I'm going to be playing for friends - especially when it's the first time. This was one of those occasions.

This was Twinfest, Northampton's music festival which features local bands and groups from Marburg and Poitiers, our twin towns in Germany and France. I'd been hanging out with some really cool guys from two german bands, My Mistress Eyes and Blindflug for the last 3 days, and this was our chance to show them what the Unit was all about. Plus we had the added factor of being the final act of the day, so I fully wanted us to bring down the fire rock, and bring it we did.
This wasn't necessarily our most musically accurate performance, but it was definitely our most rockworthy. Boabus and Rockwell were a blur of flying hair, and even Sted was cranking the neck like never before. Bustyaleep prowled through the crowd with menace and I blazed a trail through lands of previously unchartered rock stances.

The on stage sound was something of a mess, as it was only when we hit "Beaver's" that I realised my guitar was completely out of tune. I've no idea how long it had been that way, but the damage had been done by then, so I just ploughed on.

Rockwell's mighty but unfortunate ill-timed leap off the stage during Moriarty was a thing of gymnastic beauty, and Ape was the tune of the set, with the crowd literally going Ape. Special mention has to go to Matt C for his constant grooving and cacophonous screaming. The other highlight was Rockwell's ingenious idea of awarding a free ninja movie DVD to the best dancer of the night.

This was the most fun I've had at a gig in Northampton for a while, and having all the guys from Marburg there really gave the whole thing a "Hinkelstein" feel, and was a fitting end to a great day at the Twinfest

Set List :

Unit's in the House
Mongoose & Snake
Fu Manchu
Unit Thang
Beaver's Mountain
Jaguar Wong
Number One

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