The Rocking Horse, The Racehorse Pub, Northampton
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Our first proper gig, but not the happiest of occasions due to Mission’s incarceration by the Babylon the day before. Us and those sterling chaps from Redeye (or Plan B as they were known then ) did a double header. The sound on stage was rubbish, all we could hear was a noisy mush, and Skinner managed to stop our drum disc half way through “Yoghurts”, but what the hell – it was cool. It took us a while to get over the nerves and a few people got freaked out by our eclectic mix of tunes but fuck them. We had some wicked dancers at the front of the stage – Kev slapping his head, Mike shouting “You are the spawn of Satan” at us, and Graves diving on broken glasses. It was on. Personal fave moment was Bustyaleep shouting “Olaf Metalface” during the “Warriors” intro.

Set List:

1. Magic Monkey Juice
2. Scatmuncher
3. Cyberpsycho
4. Are You There Moriarty ?
5. The Eagle Has Landed
6. Suck Satan’s
7. Fu Manchu
8. Yoghurts Of Truth
9. Shatner’s Lounge
10. Enter The Dragon
11. Jaguar Wong Is Afraid Of Nothing
12. Bullshit Mr. Han Man
13. Spider In The Bath
14. Warriors Of Metal

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