The Front Room – The Racehorse Pub Northampton
This was the gig you should’ve seen. We were loose and tight and the sound was perfect. We unleashed three new tunes (“Unit’s”, “Beaver’s” and “Number One”)and they all went down a storm. We did this gig to promote the “M2J2K1” CD, which was well and good, but in all the excitement (and lager) Benny forgot to mention where the CD was actually available.

We never have been the best marketers – but that’s cause we’re all about the groove. Some people from the Liberated Party were there, cause they were looking for a band to play at their launch party and we ended up buying some dudes’ CD back off him to give to them. Bad call. If that dude is out there, come to our next gig and we’ll give you a free CD, cause all they wanted to liberate us from was our Bank Holiday weekend for free. Pity the fools. Oh yeah – we totally murdered “Fu Manchu” but nobody noticed.

Set List:

1. Unit’s In Da House
2. Scatmuncher
3. The Eagle Has Landed
4. My Brother Is A Monkey
5. Yoghurts Of Truth
6. Shatner’s Lounge
7. Enter The Dragon
8. Beaver’s Mountain
9. (To Be) Number One
10. Jaguar Wong Is Afraid Of Nothing
11. Bullshit Mr. Han Man
12. Fu Manchu

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