The Charlotte, Leicester
Our first gig out of town (Our first gig outside of The Racehorse !) played to a massive throng of 23 people and JohnBill, the local Timmy, who decided he'd start helping himself to Bustyaleep's beer. He did have some bad air guitar moves though.

Despite that, the gig went pretty well (although I had a complete mare and some juicy feedback problems). The first gig we did we played for an hour, the second one 45 minutes, and this one was half an hour. If that pattern continues, our 9th gig, will be all of about 40 seconds. "Beaver's Mountain" and "(To Be) Number One" were pretty cool, and "Enter The Dragon" managed to distract the locals from their beer for three minutes. Personal fave was "Moriarty", which Professor B totally ripped on. Highlights were Benny inviting people to check our website out - "Bring your children" and Bustyaleep, viewing the massive turnout, asking the crowd "How many people ARE there in Leicester ?".

The drum track for "Unit's" was screwed and came in after 3 beats instead of 4, but we pulled it back before anyone noticed. Sted had fun with his pedal at the start of "Beaver's" but that's the joy of no-one knowing what the tune's MEANT to sound like.

Big ups to Serotone for fighting the odds and still shocking it out...

Set List:

1. Magic Monkey Juice
2. Fu Manchu
3. Scatmuncher
4. Are You There Moriarty ?
5. Enter The Dragon
6. Beaver's Mountain
7. (To Be) Number One
8. Jaguar Wong Is Afraid Of Nothing
9. Unit's In Da House

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