The Green Room, The Soundhaus Northampton
Bit of a Leicester rematch - the Unit, Serotone and New Hole In Her Head, who opened this time. Sound check was a bit quick (due to us being late) and it took us a couple of songs to warm up properly, but we were up to ramming speed by "Moriarty". "Beaver's" went down a treat, as did "Jaguar Wong" and particularly "Unit's In Da House", which had the crowd singing along. Then again, a Furby could remember the lyrics to that (although Benny struggles).

The Voice ruled this gig, although he was pushed a close second by Bustyaleep (Was he really gobbing off the stage and grabbing his three-piece throughout the set ?).

Click for artist's impression

Starting the show with his infamous octopus joke, he advertised our website as "wwwww.pigunit.co.uk.I'maretardedfatgullibleb@st@rd.com - some of you idiots'll have computers" and his intro to "Number One" was classic. You could almost hear people gasp as he said "To the Posh and Kylies of the world - may they forever suck my cock". Favourite moment was when he told a cheering crowd in between songs to "shut the fuck up. You've paid so you're gonna listen to what I'm saying". And this is the guy who initially refused to sing "Scatmuncher".

Set List :
1. Magic Monkey Juice
2. Fu Manchu
3. Scatmuncher
4. Are You There Moriarty ?
5. Enter The Dragon
6. Beaver's Mountain
7. (To Be) Number One
8. Jaguar Wong Is Afraid Of Nothing
9. Unit's In Da House

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