The Rocking Horse, The Racehorse Northampton
So we get on stage and Stedman's gear isn't working, Bobus' lead is crackling and one of the mics is feeding back. NONE of which happened in the soundcheck. That's what it's like doing gigs. You can prepare as much as you like but when it comes down to show time, you're flying blind. Hence nights like this one, which in all honesty, was probably the worst we've played live. The Professor and Toledo were strangely subdued, I totally fudged the "Moriarty" intro and Boabus had a tuning nightmare in "Shatner's" which will haunt him to the grave but........ WE ROCKED !!!!! "Yoghurts" seperated the men from the boys (we spotted a few people bailing at that point) and none of us will want to remember "Shatner's", but once we got into the home straight - oh yes. "Han Man" got it started, "Mongoose And Snake" cranked it up, and by the time we hit "Unit's In Da House" the place was slamming, full-on mosh pit, including a star turn by Graves and his mate from London and the return of Kev The Head Slapper.

Highlight of the evening was during the into to "Warriors", shouting "C'mon, let's see those Metal signs !!!" and seeing a wall of Dio salutes rise up from the crowd. At that point, for those four minutes, there is no doubt that Northampton WAS the Metal centre of the Universe. Anyone who says Northampton crowds don't rock doesn't know. Tonight they were all Warriors Of Metal.

Shout outs to Orwell Music for throwing down with style and Serotone, who totally shocked it out. Word also to Northamptonbands.co.uk for a slice of nice... review style.
Special big up to Mission - first public gig with The Unit, all is complete.

Set List:
1. Scatmuncher
2. Are You There Moriarty ?
3. Suck Satan's Cock
4. Jaguar Wong Is Afraid of Nothing
5. Yoghurts Of Truth
6. (To Be) Number One
7. Shatner's Lounge
8. Bullshit Mr. Han Man
9. Mongoose And Snake
10. Unit's In Da House
11. Warriors Of Metal
12. Fu Manchu

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