The Voice, Roadmender, Northampton
This was a special night for the U, a night of many firsts. The first gig this year, the first gig with a drummer, the first time that all 7 of us had played together (I shit you not, Fist Of Legend has been in the band for six months and we've NEVER had a practice when everyone's been there), the first time we'd played the Roadmender (let alone the main stage). Playing on a stage that size, with a sound that good, and a killer light show, we just HAD to rock. So we did.  
All the songs were tight, "Moriarty" slammed like never before and "Beaver's" and "Number One" went down like a storm. Not that we didn't screw up. The intro to "Beaver's" went totally crazy, I still had my volume down from the inter-song gap and so no-one heard me play the first lick, so as a consequence we had no idea where we were. This threw Benny, who then waited two bars at the start of the verse before coming in. But the great thing was, NOBODY KNEW !!! Revelation of the night came to me during the solo of "Warriors". I go through the whole song, intro, verse, chorus, Sted's solo, fine. Then I hoik the guitar up for some True Metal-style posings for the solo and I look at the fretboard and think "That's not right. Something looks wrong here". Then it hits me that the fretboard is black. And it should be white. I'm playing the wrong guitar. Should be the black one, not the pink one with the D tuning. So I then had to transpose the rest of the song up from dropped D. 
Man of the night was without a doubt Fist Of Legend. Though we all put the hours in, I can't even begin to explain how much work he put into learning the set for the gig. My drum patterns are a bitch to pick up, full of a load of bizarre non-drummer type patterns and styles that he's never played before and he nailed it all, pushing himself through the pain barrier to rock you all. Truly legendary.
Hightlight of the night, once again was Benny. I don't really know where to begin, him trying to goad the crowd hanging over the security bar at the front of the stage to get off their arses and rock by calling them "wankers" and ordering them to "move like there's scabies on the bar". Best of the lot was when he surveyed the slightly sparse crowd and said "you lot didn't know Eastenders was on tonight, did you ?". Oh yeah, anyone concerned about him spitting an entire pint of lager all over the stage can relax, it was nothing to worry about. As often happens with Benny, it had simply slipped down the wrong hole.
Set List

1. Magic Monkey Juice
2. Unit's In Da House
3. Fu Manchu
4. Are You There Moriarty ?
5. Beaver's Mountain
6. Northampton Rocks
7. (To Be) Number One
8. Warriors Of Metal
This was the most fun we've EVER had doing a gig, and to top it all, Benny's brother Sean and my bro Gaz both turned up, which was really cool. Full shout outs to everyone who turned up to rock with the Unit at 8.15pm, never really a time you'd call party o'clock. So full respect to Woody, Snipes, Axion Jaxon, Lee Lubbock and the CVM massive, Rich, Luke, Liam, Dan, Simon, Wolfie and the full Turner St crew, the House Of 1428, Guido and his mate for a hardcore mission up from Staines, Wend, Mike, Mamho, Chris, Shabz (Unit Mama), Mark, Marion, Jo, Guilbert Jo, Serotone Mikey, Diggy Dang, Wheathead, Tom and Sarah, Sarah, Chris, Ben, Steph and Dougie. All Unit Fam and true Warriors Of Metal.

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