Front Bar, The Racehorse
Gigs can be weird sometimes, in that the band's experience and the audience's can be completely different, and this was one of those nights. Things were a bit frantic, Man Wid Mission went AWOL on the day and due to some laxness on our part (surely not, I hear you cry) we didn't manage to get a rehearsal booked until two hours before the gig so there was a lot of rushing around, which on a Sunday night, is not really what you want. To top it all off, one of our mic leads went for a Burton, so we borrowed a replacement. Then the replacement went for a Burton.  
Set List

1. Magic Monkey Juice
2. Fu Manchu
3. Are You There Moriarty ?
5. Yoghurts of Truth
6. Beaver's Mountain
7. Shatners Lounge
8. Unit's In Da House
9. (To Be) Number One
10. Warriors of Metal
Not really a night or a venue for rocking out, so the mellower numbers went down the best and the highlights of the night were "Yoghurts Of Truth", "Shatner's Lounge" and "Beaver's Mountain". Special credit goes (again) to the Fist - he'd probably only played "Yoghurts" about 6 times before the gig and it was faultless, and Benny's performance also has to be mentioned. We've hardly played "Yoghurts" this year and he represented in full effect, like-wise Stedman, who ripped his solo in "Shatner's" out the best he's ever done on stage. As for the rest of the set, "Northampton Rocks", "(To Be) Number One" and of course, "Warriors Of Metal" did their best to move a crowd that was subdued for the most part, with the notable exception of Daz W., his bro and Voller, all who receive the Unit's "Metal Of Honour" award for their valiant displays of headbanging, singing along and Metal signs in the line of duty. Props too to Shabz for Camalama action.. 

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