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The Rocking Horse, The Racehorse, Northampton
Anti Nazi League Gig

Bustyleep's in Canada for three weeks before this gig, Fist of Legend nearly breaks a toe on a drunken rampage the week before and Sted does his back in and then gets food poisoning on the day of the gig. Such is life with the Unit. Then the first band overrun, we get put back three quarters of an hour, our set gets cut to 30 minutes and the feedback from the mics is so bad that myself and Benny can hardly be heard. Not the ideal preparation but that's rock 'n' roll for you.

Set List

1. Magic Monkey Juice
2. Fu Manchu
3. Ape Shit
4. Beaver's Mountain
5. Northampton Rocks
6. Are You There, Moriarty ?
7. Unit's In Da House
8. Warriors Of Metal

So as you can see, there wasn't an abundance of good Karma in the air but we certainly gave it our best shot. The time constraint mean that we had to cut songs out, and rush through the set as quick as possible so Wilson could get on, hence the lack of the usual Floyd/Benny banter. Although, with the feedback from the mics, you wouldn't have heard much more than
We tried a few different things, segeuing straight from "Monkey Juice" into "Fu Manchu", a new intro to "Warriors", which all seemed to go down pretty well. "Ape Shit" went down a storm, and by the time we got to "Warriors", joint was well and truly rockin'.
Star man has to be split between Stedman, for throwing it down despite being in the grip of liquid bowel the whole day, and Fist Of Legend, who unleashed a previously unseen array of drum faces and on-stage energy. My personal highlights were seeing Maria throwing it down in the pit like a true warrior princess and after the show, Joff asking me if "Warriors" was a Dio song. High praise indeed......
Special word for Mr Abblabab for capturing the event celluloidually..

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