Checking For Lumps


" Ride the skullfuckubus " apparently.
  Zombie Spina Bifida Girl

Inspired, if that's the word, by Glenn Hoddle's bizarre disability rant, Boabus conceived this redemption tale. A small girl, mocked by classmates for her affliction is the first to turn in the zombie holocaust and exacts revenge by eating her detractors' brains.

World Of Mong

Inspired by stupidity and intrinsically linked to the increasingly monged stages of the "12 bong challenge", "World of Mong" actually existed in both musical and lyrical format ( MP3, in contradiction to this pages pretext, available soon ) and was recorded at Pig Units original HQ on a narly retro 2 track reel-to-reel. Meandering between styles, and with lo fi lyrics, a triumph of herbal motivation over paralysis.

Homosexual Voodoo Curse Death Boy

Two male friends fall out when one of them makes a drunken lunge at the other. The lungee then becomes convinced that his friend has cast a voodoo spell on him to turn him gay. He becomes so convinced that one day he smashes his brainpan in with a clawhammer.

This actually happened a couple of years ago, three streets down from the old Unit HQ !
Cock Humour

Don't know how this was ever born but somehow we started writing a song about penile tumours. Boabus and Stedman combined to churn out such awe inspiring couplets as " Cock Humour, due to cock tumour, coming out my end, spilling out my eye " and "Coughing filthy milk, spinning fetid silk".

All you need to know about this is that it featured something called the Cruciphallus.....................The world is not ready.

Dubious consternation abounds in the scaredhearts of ladymens across the planetoid, but Pig Unit are the velvetly curtains drawn back across the iron window of horrification -

"In the battle of good vs. evil, only the stupid man truly wins"..Chuck Norris
  Springtime in Prague

Free jazz beat poetry improvisation. Banned for stupidity reasons.
Jimmy Boy

Odd Bryan Adams-style ballad which consisted of the words "Jimmy Boy, why do you cry ?" least originally. Later versions existed as extended tuning up sessions bereft of direction but inanely comical. An early prototype for...
  The Wind And The Rain

Ultimate Michael-Meaningful-cheese ballad ..."The wind and the rain, the tears and the pain".... too cheesy to play without bursting into crippling laughter.

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