Choose your words carefully


Northampton Rocks
It ain't Top of the Pops

Magic Monkey Juice Vitriol on vivisection or massively stupid - you decide

Scatmuncher A tribute to the love that dare not clean its teeth

Cyberpsycho Patrick Bateman meets Tetsuo - Iron Man

Shatner's Lounge The legendary gland opens his fun palace

Bullshit Mr. Han Man Telling it to the man, Jim Kelly-style

Suck Satan's Cock
Black worm jism for the masses

Fu Manchu
Fu man chat man fat man Tony

  "Speak stick and carry a big softly." - Gregor Batswad
Spider In The Bath
We've all been there..The horrifying truth in word format

Are You There Moriarty ?
Nemesis, naval game and mindless drunken violence

Warriors Of Metal
Wearing jeans and leather, not crackerjack clothes

My Brother Is A Monkey
The sitcom that never was, but would've shoulda been

Yogurts Of Truth
Homage to bio-active herbal remedies

The Eagle Has Landed
Waiting for the time to strike green o'clock

Jaguar Wong Is Afraid Of Nothing
The stylingest Ninja Terminator in Hong damn Kong

Unit's In Da House

( To Be ) Number One
One for the blasphemers

Beaver's Mountain
A hill, a tank, and a legend is born

This Unit's Too Big For My Brain
That tricky third album song