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"Like Noddy, crossed with Bill Oddie.." - Jewson Excalibur
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A triumph of persistence over doubt, the Unit breaches that 'difficult' third album wall. This despite it not actually being that truly - and yet it is still a work of magnificent genius
Recorded and mixed over several dynasties, Unified features 13 tracks of unparalleled quality. Some may be familiar, benefitting, as sagely perecived during the Bruce Lee period, from improved technology, with a few new ones and live favourites appearing for the first time.

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Yet again, all hail The Hand for the most excellent artwork..Respect entirely due.

Beaver's Mountain
Are You There, Moriarty?
Jaguar Wong Is Afraid Of Nothing
The Eagle Has Landed
Fu Manchu
Magic Monkey Juice
Units in the House
Unit Thang
Number One
Northampton Rocks
Mongoose & Snake
Bullshit Mr Han Man

Our debut CD, recorded in a number of sessions from late '99 to early '01, a combination of new and old tunes, released in May 2001.

Recorded on a Tascam 8 Track, this is Unit as raw as bleu.

Shatners Lounge
Monkey Juice
Bullshit, Mr Han Man

The Bruce Lee Of The 90's
More a collection of demos than an official release, this came out in March '99. This features the original line-up :

Cosmic : Vocals, Flute
Floyd L. : Guitars, Backing Vocals, Drum Programming
Stedman Cool : Guitars, Backing Vocals
Boabus : Bass, Backing Vocals
Boz Pardo : Keyboards, Backing Vocals

You'll know some of these from live shows and the "M2J2K1" CD, but there's a chance that they'll be re-recorded for future releases, due to the new line-up and improvements in recording technology.
Warriors of Metal
Yogurts of Truth
My Brother is a Monkey

Checking For Lumps Locked away in a secret corner of the darkest recesses of the Unit brainvault lies "Checking For Lumps" - the album that never was or will be.

Pig Unit is not a shy band, and if something needs saying, we'll say it, but we are not without sensitivity either, and throughout our lifespan, there have been a number of songs produced which we have certified too offensive or stupid for general consumption. These have been isolated and congealed into the non-album "Checking For Lumps"