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"I Am The Porn Helmet." - Kaftan Ronweirdo

    U - live n direct

Come be our children again - The Unit are playing on 20th October, in The Rocking Horse..Bring your trousers.


    You lucky, lucky bastards

The beyond excellent DVD that is 'Schwein Einheit - Death or Glory. Live in Marburg' is now available for purchase online from the excellent Nettlewine.com.

Unfold your plastic and spend the sexiest 6.99 you are ever likely to part with. Click here to instigate capitalist proceedings.


    Learn the secrets of the Yooneye..

Check the new link in the Music page to discover the jackanory behind Unified.

Click on the Unified CD cover to unveil the Unit combi-brain and part the knowledge flaps on the cunny of truth.


    Live in Marburg - Death or Glory..

The Unit 'Live in Marburg - Death or Glory' DVD is finally ready - and it is beyond cracking..

Check out the highs n lows n stationaries of international gigging in a 'made-for-tv' presentation - soon buyable from the excellent Nettlewine. Keep a knife handy for eye peeling duties..

DVD on sale very shortly at Nettlewine.com - check site for details even shortlier.


    Buy the Unit..

Unified is now on sale at Nettle Wine. Click here to purr chase.


    Twinfest in pixels..

Updated GALLERY with a selection of shots from the crackingfest.



Check out the GIGS link for Floyd's eye on the Twinfest U.


    Unit Live..

The Unit are back in action on Sunday 16th April at The Picturedrome, playing for Freaks of Nature.

Check out the flyer for details.


    See the Rock..

The Unit in full moshdown, live n direct, partially erect glory..

Click on VIDEO for the obvious. Props to Si for the footage.


    Marburg Rocked...!!

Words have now surfaced, check GIGS for the full Unit thought bubbles on Marburg.


    Marburg Rocks...!!

Pigunit have been to Germany - rocking at the Twinfest in Marburg.
Currently no words suffice, so, stick on a cravat and check out the pictures in The Gallery, Tony Hart styles.

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