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Mission's Escape
Unit yule greets
Unit One launch

19/02/02    ..guff
Added some mindless extras for temporary amusement...

15/02/02    ..Disturbij
Northampton's finest events epistle, The Chronicle and Echo, takes an interesting slant on the news concerning The Pigunits latest recruit...

...Loz, the presciently named ' Fist of Legend '..
The Us updated accordingly..

12/02/02    ..Massive Stuff
King of the stickmen Loz, formerly of Northampton brethren Serotone, joins The Pigunit and becomes Fist of Legend... We now have fully analogue live capabilities - watch out for the next gig...

Due to the undue stresses involved with emailing, The Unit message board is now in action

05/02/02    ..Big Up the Unit
Injecting a syringe of delight into the modesty gut, the genius that is Kok Wee has labelled us the best band in England(sorry)....Speechless.

( offline here )

3/02/02    ..KOK!
In an unprecented kudos boost, the Unit receive an email from Kok Wee Uk:

I like youre site, it very black. And Pigunit sound like good band, number one. Waht pigunit mean/? I like heavy metal, Meatloaf are asking! I make music on my computer but it sound like granmother in dog fight. One day maybe you could help me make music. Alex Rap! I make picture for you andf pigunit. cd sleeves nice to hear you and from you with pigunit


...and even gain mention in the hallowed columns of insane genius that represent Kok's unique view on football.. ( Click here for link to football365 ) or here for archive copy..

Recording of the next batch of ware from the Unit studios is underway.. Around 12 tracks of delight should be heading everywhere come, April...

24/01/02    ..etc
From the deeper recesses, some earlier MP3s added from way back when. Check the us, Floyd again.

21/01/02    ..And on
A few more MP3s added covering some of Pig Units shady past and present.. check the us, Stedman and Floyd for more...

18/01/02    MP3s Galoreye
Check Sounds for a slightly more useful array of downloads..full versions of all songs here previously, and stuff from elsewhere...

13/01/02    Profiles updated, Unit 1 evidence inserted, CDs finished
The Unit family tree is almost complete, a few musical selections to come representing previous incursions into songwriting in a variety of radical guises..
Evidence supporting the launch of Unit One has arrived ( here ), and the recorded ( and otherwise ) history of The Unit has been fully documented in Products..Beware of downloads available soon...
The Others updated..always.

08/01/02    Disco graph and pictures
Added "The Bruce Lee of the Nineties" discography and a couple of pictures from the 29/12 gig..More to be added depending on ego girth.

06/01/02    Happy New Piece, Gig Review and Profiles
2002 literally began with a bang with the launch of the inaugural Pig Unit satellite, Unit 1 ( pictures soon ). We have no gigs booked now, as we intend to concentrate on recording our next CD, which will probably be an album. No title yet and we're looking at an Easter (or thereabouts) release date. We'll be re-recording some previously released Unit classics, plus live favourites and some spanking new tunes. The provisional listing includes:

Unit's In Da House
Magic Monkey Juice
Bullshit Mr. Han Man
(To Be) Number One
Beaver's Mountain
Mongoose And Snake
The Eagle Has Landed
Northampton Rocks

03/01/02 Units auf dem haus - Racehorse gig done, check Floyd for the review . The Unit family tree is sprouting information branches, check the us and individual profiles for the scoreye. And massive greets to 2002 - The Year of The Unit.....

15/12    Site Overhaul
Updated site, profiles finished, The Others increased, Eastbourne Pier coming

8/12    Gig Flyer Plus Profiles Added
Flyer done for next gig click here for seasonal cheese. Also added profile pages ( see the us, heads for joy )

3/12    Bustyaleep Reprieved And Gig Set
All's well with the Unit world - Bustyaleep has regained the dubious honour of citizenship, and the Unit have a gig on 29/12 at the Racehorse along with a couple of other bands...
Added some more MP3s to the site, check sounds for same

05/11     Bustyaleep Harrassed
In yet another tweak to the Unit tale, Professor Bustyaleep has had to endure enforced illegal immigrancy through the inept handiwork of several ludicrous fuckwits charged with ensuring a piece of paper was stamped .. Subsisting as he must on beans and various shrubs, the Professor is having to return to his native Canada to reinstate himself as a legitimate denizen of this glorious land we call shithole... As an unfortunate consequence of this continued harrassment by the karma police, the Unit has decided to start writing formulaic sonic turds to appease the Music Whore who apparently has contacts in the most unlikely of places...

29/10     Freedom
Mission's escape now complete, the rehabilitation back into reality through herbal remedy and export strength stout has begun in earnest. Watch this space...

23/10     MWM Release Imminent
Man Wid Mission's ludicrous struggle, internment and kitchen duties finally come to an end with his release this week. The Unit is one, the whole is complete. Bongo Payback time.

24/9     Soundhaus Gig Review Added
Gigs done ( check Floyd Pepys ).. Time to crack on with some recording

10/9     Abington Park Gig And Website Overhaul
On closer inspection the Abington Park gig turned out to be a slightly more familial event than we had imagined... Caught betwixt sensational offence or appropriate behaviour we erred on the side of charity and withdrew... Although with other events lined up after Christmas, the Unit and Bethany may well be reunited to spread the word and raise some cash whoop and tick tock..
Website overhauled totally, check it.

8/9     Gig News
Another gig lined up, at the Soundhaus with Serotone and New Hole In Her Head, taking place on the 21/9.... A cosy and intimate mashdown in the small bar.

25/8     MWM Update And Shopping
Man Wid Mission's continuing struggle against the fatuously prescribed judges of the inadequately named police "force" (see Daily Yoon for details) will come to an end late October... Meanwhile, the enforced injustice has inspired some high quality lyrics, in turn inspiring The Unit on to further creative shenanigans.... The purchase of a digital 16 track to capture this ejaculation should further enhance the publics home based enjoyment with the production of the next demo... once we work the bastard out..

Keeping it Real?

Rod Piepiece

A man in his late twenties was today under sedation in a top security financial institution after suffering the mind numbing effects of a Wednesday evening. The man was said to be stable, although this could only be assumed to be relative to his normal sedentary behaviour. Scientists studying the case have been baffled by the mans apparent inability to focus on objects closer than fifteen feet, and the prevalence of strong coffee suggested a horrifying addiction to large amounts of barbituates.


No treatment is known for this condition, although doctors have agreed that a "wait-and-see" approach, coupled with a year long prescription to a new and viciously inadequate antibiotic should assuage them of any responsibilty or sense of moral duty. One senior doctor advocated the use of intensive VDU treatment to stem the flow of potentially useful thought patterns, although these draconian measures are usually only employed on those who have suffered an evolutionary lapse. The unknown man wished to remain anonymous, as a stultefying lack of recall prevented him remembering what it was.


In other news, local anti-vigilante Man Wid Mission felt the full weight of the law yesterday as the police pressed for "swift and wholly disproportionate" justice to be dispensed in the now notorious "Police Motorbike" case, as some local journalists have incisively coined this savage attack. A solicitor commented "Due to the heinous nature of these crimes, and the defendants Jedi like persistence in overcoming the dark side, a crown court appearance is inevitable." Man Wid Mission drinks Guiness.
24/8     Gig News
The gig at Abington Park takes place amidst a chairty bungee jumping extravaganza.. The Pig Unit are due to take the back of the lorry at 8 o'clock
After we get the next couple of gigs out of the way, we will be getting a digital 16 track and producing the next CD. It's likely to feature 6 tracks, including new tunes "Unit's in Da House", "(To Be) Number One","Beaver's Mountain" and "Mongoose And Snake".

23/8     Freedom Denied And Sickness
In a blatant abuse of power, Man Wid Mission has been denied his freedom for another two months. He now busts out at the end of October.
The gig at the King Billy didn't happen due to illness. The Grendon Lakes 15/9 gig has now moved to Abington Park

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