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"Turning on the red light and outing all the whores..." - Rendle Bintwendo
13/08/05    unforch...
Due to satan's very own snapping of the digit string, The Unit will not be playing on 25th September.. Hoping to rectify soon.

13/08/05    feel the love...
The Unit receive not undue adulation from the mighty Spen.. Props, of course. Read it now.. Now.

13/08/05    admin...
Added Rockwell's bio to dismiss rumours of his creation by hard rockin' robot baboons. See 'Rockwell's head' in The Story.

20/07/05    buy my album...
In standard timely fashion, a new mail page exists through which you can purchase the Unified CD. No fixed price, just tell us what you reckon you should pay, and we'll make the call.. Click Here

19/07/05    and fully rockin...
Getting better all the time, The Unit rocked the Rockin Horse like a lunatic chucking stones at an infants hobby donkey. Many others also rocked, including the excellent audience, and a fair few people asked for CDs. However, in traditional Unit style, fate was left to the mighty wind..

If anyone reads this and wants one, let us know...! If anyone wants to pay us a fiver for it, even better.

Added reviews and pictures of Kate's birthday gig last year, plus bonus accessorising in the form of similar items Twinfest wise. Check GIGS for details.

Also, in standard timely fashion, a new mail page exists through which you can purchase the Unified CD. No fixed price, just tell us what you reckon you should pay, and we'll make the call..Click Here

23/06/05    Back...
Like a slumbering sausage, The Unit climbs from the peaceful grill of recuperation and thrusts forth at the world like a twitching cumberland erection. Ready for action...

Twinfest done - thanks to all the quality Uniteers who gave it up in the garden. An excellent vibe was had. Review coming soon in GIGS, but an excellent beginning for The Unitnew.

The sites a bit new, obviously, and all the Mp3s from the Unified CD are now on the MUSIC page.

Forthcoming, The Unit are playing The Rocking Horse back room with Orwell Music, Chimpanman and The Sheep Thieves. Get rocked.

13/01/05    Indolent...
Ignore that bollocks. Christ.
The CD has finally been completed - Spinadisc are the locals upon whom Pigunit have bestowed the favour of stocking said item - and it is fucking a, according to every single critic alive.
The Unit has been rewired - check The Us for details.
The Sounds page will very likely have details of the Unified album, and maybe even some downloads.
As ever, props and other items of film memorabilia to the Uniteers for remembering we exist - even when we don't...

04/08/04    Wahay.!
The Unit is back in town... it never departured. Expect an excellent album and refreshing line up in a yard, near you, one day. Soon. Very.

24/04/03    Pix..
Some pictures from the Unit gig on Saturday have wended their way onto Floyd's Pepy. Unit love to Graves for performing cammallamma action..

23/04/03    Christ..
Two updates in a week sees The Unit usher in a tidal wave of activity...
Floyd has Pepy'd, and his thought pie has been baken for all to bite at.

21/04/03    Tardy..
The Unit lives, despite the apparent gaps between activity.. The underadvertised gig at the Racehorse for the Anti Nazi League went down on Saturday - thanks to the quality Uniteers who Metalled it up for a slice of nice..

The Pigunit's next audible release would've been on the cards but for a tragic technical jizzmare which has temporarily divested the world of sonic relief... An army of blind samurai monkeys are at work attempting to rescue the situation.

Man Wid Mission remains an enigma, and The Unit acknowledges his absence. No Bongo Payback in the meantime...

Phalice Malice in the Chalice Phallus Palace, the ground breaking new adventure game featuring the true story of how The Unit came to be forged from solid lumps of fossilised scat, is entering the Tomb Raider phase. Meantime, go here for a preview to sate your click hunger momentarily..( or here)

23/01/03    Yawn..
Awakening from its wintry slumber, The Unit stirs into a relaxed stupour with vigour. Some of the MP3s are now back online, ready for your delectation and downloadation. Check 'Sounds' and Beavers Mountain for more..

Following on from this exciting development, The Unit may even coax itself into a state of gig readiness very shortly... Watch this space..

10/01/03    Cracking..
The Pardo provides a slice of felch pop in the shape of his Frampton.. The Unit is obviously busy..

21/12/02    Bollocks..
The Unit extends its apologies for recent lack of site, but it all went tits up server sides.. Sadly most works of inspired message board genius are lost forever..
Let us not mourn, but instead marvel at the perfect joy that is Christmas.. Rest of site back soon..

3/12/02    Double Top..
Floyd's eye view of the previous Unit gig arrives.. Check the words in his Pepyhole.

25/11/02    Never doubt..
Proof that The Unit have definitely popetrated their sonic destiny arrives in the format of an unmixed, but not unpleasant version of Beavers Mountain, a tale of violence and tanks. One for Boz Pardo..

12/11/02    Picks..
Lobbed some photographic representations of The Unit in full effect at the Roadmender into the Pepys that is Floyd's.

2/11/02    Another Live..
All's looking well for another Unit gig - The front room of the Racehorse, Sunday 24th November, for that low key vibe. The welcome mat of invitation awaits your needy dancing feet.

09/10/02    Floyd Re-Pepys..
Our children did indeed turn up. Bless their malformed lungs, and promises of titties for beer. Floyd reveals all in his recently re-woken Pepys..
No sheep theft, however.

09/09/02    Units in the Road..
..mender.. Exclusively live and very much direct, the Unit will be playing at The Voice night at The Roadmender, 4th October, with CoasT, and the legendary the Sheep Thieves....
With almost prescient timing, the Fist of Legend will be making his debut appearance on 'sticks' -
Come be our children.

31/08/02    Nearly there...
The Unit never sleeps...
The new Unit CD is almost ready for unleashment upon an unready world.. An MP3 will be here tres shortly, and the behemoth that is the Unit adventure is almost complete..( preview left )
The debut of the Fist of Legend will arrive shortly, with a gig planned for October - more details before then, obviously.
Tarted the site up for the undoubted millions who will soon come here to worship the word of The Unit.. Revel in the loveliness awhile - stuff is definitely on some sort of happening horizon.

07/05/02    Honest...
Work on the new Unit album continues apace amidst much hilarity, with the creative bubble popping and winking ever more deliciously..
MP3's on the site soon, with bonus tracks to be won in the forthcoming endearing adventure game from The Unit, Chalice Malice in the Phallus Palace..

20/04/02    Is this your Mom?
More meat for the meat eaters...A very special kind of competition. Go to extras for more

Hollywood Star Acknowledges Quality

Elizabeth 'warrior of metal' Taylor

09/04/02    ..Fist Revealed
Evidence supporting the Fist of Legends previous existence arrives... Available now on the us.

08/03/02    ..Mail Monkey
Eliminate needless faffing and mail The Unit direct from the site. Click the Mail Monkey...

02/03/02    ..Fanmail
In an honouring of extraordinary proportions, The Unit receive encouragement from Gods amongst men..( here ).

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