Full Name: Stedman Cool
Does: Guitars, Honks
Moment of conception: 5th April 1971, Hong Kong
Previous/other bands:Skinflower, Nanny Slags, Jagged Heart, Singularity, Sqopij
From the swirling fog of Hong Kong womb soup, in the dawning of the age of Capricornicus, slid the foetal prototoype for Stedman Cool..... Idle curiousity and extensive rock 'n' roll training led to initial guitar experiments in 1990, resulting in some hilarious compositions. Previous incarnations of this disturbing musical concept involve stints in various bands too bizarre to deserve names, including Garage Band#2, featuring Benny "The Voice" Toledo on pre comfort-fit vocals, later developing into Skinflower.

In a staggering early development, the spandtastically-named Jagged Hearts stayed together and practised enough to provide Stedman with his first live experience, allowing him to chug his virgin wares.

Initial songwriting experiments in these taste-starved environments moulded the now familiar "shit-or-shiny" creative technique, which perfectly complemented the "reigning-into-reality" style of Floyd L when the two initially crossed paths in the summer of '96, which led to the formation of Singularity , and later, confusingly, Pig Unit. Side projects include the funereally funky Sqopij.

Stedman Uses:
Laney TubeFusion400
Ibanez SA
Digitech RP300
Jim Dunlop Wah
Queen, Frank Zappa, Kings X, DJ Shadow, Chris Morris, Bill Hicks, Fry & Laurie, Oscar Wilde, Philip Larkin

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