Full Name: Pigunit
Does: Music, comedy, compete spiritual fulfilment
Moment of Clarity: Decmber 1998
Previous members: Cosmic, Boz Pardo, Fist of Legend, Benny the voice Toledo, Man Wid Mission
Pigunit look like:

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Pigunit are: Boabus....Bass
Pigunut do: Fat beats, fat guitars, fat hooks - Funk/Metal/HipHop eclecticism and beyond.
Pigunit combine a dark sense of humour with a variety of musical styles to illuminate the shadowy areas of an otherwise futile and vapid universe. Making sense of life and everything in conveniently phrased words coupled with a wide ranging spread of sonic wave forms, Pigunit sing anything about anything in whichever musical style seems appropriate.
Equally at home on stage orin your living room, you will eventually want to be our children.
Pigunut Produced: CD TitleReleasedPigunit rating

Unified2004The culmination of previous Pigunit incarnations, this CD features 13 tracks recorded over 2 years. Benefitting from better technology, still recorded at home, Unified is Unit refined.

M2J2K12001Pigunit's first stab at something proper, a tasty, if rough n ready, little EP.

The Bruce Lee of the 90s1999The originl Unit in fledgling activity. Whilst maybe not the quality of the others soundwise, the urgent vibe of ironic apathy blooms in this virgin soil.

Pigunut reviewed:
'Unit in the house. PIG UNIT are the most original band around. Months of hard work and playing dives ....... they bash out a mix of rock-hiphop-indie-pop that is refreshing... you always feel that everything is a little tongue-in-cheek with Pig Unit. The only band maybe that don't take themselves too seriously. I love Pig Unit.'
James Cross - northamptonbands.co.uk
'Pig Unit, the second band to play, were a strange band in their musical style. They sounded like a cross between Sona Fariq, Rage Against The Machine and Iron Maiden. At times they were quite funky and cool but at other times they went into heavy metal cliche. I thought they were really good in parts but wobbly in others'
Johnny Serious - northamptonbands.co.uk
'Pig Unit... your song "Jaguar Wong" is playing on the BarbieMicClub right now...you guys ROCK!'
Barbie Mic - soundclick.com
'This is an interesting track. Maybe it`s sung from the perspective of Sherlock Holmes?? This track is a grindy thrashy number with vocals with a proper english accent (cool). The chorus is very nice, like the riff and it swings nicely, a bit punky too. The overall production is a bit scrappy, but the song shines through that, i.e. with a pro production it would sound cool. All players are pretty competent, some interesting drum work here and there, although I couldn`t really hear much bass.'
Overall nice track.

Andy Skinner - soundclick.com
'Jaguar Wung" ROCKS ... it's like ... Isaak Hayes meets Frank Zappa(influenced with Black Sabbath a tad)... I felt like I was watching a 1970's action movie!'
Devil Rouser - soundclick.com
'Pig Unit smear me with goose fat, cook me in their heavy metal oven and feed my scraps to their toothless old dog. And I love them for it. My head's been fed a moutain of beaver by Jaguar Wong and Fu Manchumanchumanchu. It don't get no better than this. Even more nutritious than hairy bread'
Ghoul Detail - The Real Soundscape Gardener