Unit One

December 31st 2001 saw the launch of the inaugural Pig Unit satellite, Unit One. Fuelled by herbal cigarettes and absinthe, the three-man team of Mamho, Benny "The Voice" and Andrew Metalface, conceived, designed and constructed the deep space probe in an effort to spread the word of the Unit to any distant alien cultures.
As well as utilising the cutting edge of piscal avionics technology, the craft also carried a specially-designed message plate, similar to the one on NASA's Voyager probe, to help any alien civilizations who may encounter the craft to understand the Unit vibe and directions, should they wish to come to any gigs.
The launch took place at exactly 12.00am 01/01/02 from a special facility at Unit HQ in Northampton. A number of test rockets were fired before the actual launch itself, which was accompanied by Deodato's jazz funk interpretation of Richard Strauss' "Also Sprach Zarathrustra".
An excited launch team celebrated with bottles of Cava and cigars, proclaiming "They said a fish-head with a tin foil helmet gaffer taped to a rocket wouldn't work, but we proved 'em all wrong". News of alien contact as it arrives.

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