Full Name: Boabus
Does Bass, Backing Vocals
Post foetal: 28th May 1973, Dundee, Scotland
Previous bands:Indelible Lipstick
First sang in Edinburgh trio Indelible Lipstick in 1993, A disgustingly brown fusion of acoustic rhythm and scathing lead electric twiddling. Known nancy of na´ve proportions, he floundered his way through interesting covers and the kind of shit that never goes anywhere. It was due to the lack of bass in the outfit that the duty seed was first planted.

College bound, he came to Northampton in October 94, and met the pre-wah wah Stedman. Stedman meets Floyd, Floyd meets Boabus and the nucleic particles soon emit. Drawn to the vacuum created by the bass vacancy in the embryonic Unit, Boabus began teaching himself bass in early 98.

Bobus Uses:
SGC Bass Collection Bass
Laney HCM60B amp
The Smiths, Queen, David Bowie, The Pixies, Curtis Mayfield, Sly

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