Full name Rocky 'Rock' Rockwell
Does Vocals, Blood curdling
Umbilical Separation: Within the last 20 years
Previous bands:Misha, Hamza & Ward Group, Bruff Da Force, The CMS Millenium Band, INH, ZPC, Rhythm Warriors, DanPaddyDaz Rap Explosion Trust, USA, StylojesuS, Dialectrix, Bruxia, Stream, ASC, Tearslicky
After listening to copious Michael Jackson and number one Christian rap god, Carmen, Rockwell formed the Misha, Hamza & Ward group with two other people. After getting caught swearing about god, they split up.

Bruff Da Force was formed in Middle School with child hood friend I.B. Ruff, local backyard wrestler and accoustic artist. This band consisted of singing "Schools Out" by Alice Cooper with a melody line and backing beat played on a casio keyboard.

I.B Ruff continued with Rockwell into the CMS Millenium Band, a band made by the school to celebrate the millenium. A Beastie Boys inspired tune saw Rockwell on Drums, Sebastian on Guitar, Ruff and Mr. A. Westley on vocals, and Mr. Mack on piano, the music teacher who consistantly played the miami vice theme tune, which helped Rockwell retain his interest in music. The lyrics of the millenium song involved
"The millenium is here, the nineties gone, get your butt inline, cus we gotta move on, we comin right at ya with 22 tons of solid rap, which has just be gone"
and consequently got them beaten up for being "wigga honkies".

Moving on to Upper School, Rockwell pestered local rockband Bubblegum to be their vocalist. They let him, and thus changed their name to Insert Name Here (IDK was rejected, because it stood for I Don't Know). Playing the first gig together as a group at the King Billy, they apparently were mentioned on Radio 1 for being "a band to watch out for" the following evening. This later transpired, obviously, to be bollocks.

A very short stint with Italy Math Jazz band Ephel Duath left Rockwell with not much more than what he had to start with, apart from a Ephel Duath t-shirt.

While being in the band, Rockwell saw Pigunit by accident. Boabus being a cross between English/Drama teacher to Rockwell etc., a small interest in the band was created via the website. Rockwell then plugged an INH gig to the unit and displayed talent worthy of unit standard, and a shortwhile after that, appeared in the band.


Faith No More, M. Jackson, Mindless Self Indulgence, INH, Byzantine, Lamb of God, Cypress Hill, Beastie Boys, Jurrassic 5, NIN, Opeth, Dillinger Escape Plan, Ephel Duath, Dream Theater, Devin Townsend, Sikth, Mudvayne, Linkin Park, Jay Z

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