"Borrowing the spazmantle of satire from the clefted joybrain of the Barron Knights, The Pigunit's prototype musical demonstration CD is now available in at least two of Northamptons record stores..." - Stylo Headford


Imagine a monkey being pumped full of hallucinogens to test their psychological and biological effects. Imagine blasting a monkey into space to measure the physiological stresses of extreme g-forces, weightlessness and cosmic radiation. Imagine a monkey being pumped full of hallucinogens AND blasted into space. Now imagine you're that monkey. The first song Floyd L. and Stedman wrote together, MMJ was originally conceived back in August 96, inspired by Brass Eye. Updated for the 21st century with a slamming Bernard Purdie break and Bustyaleep's mind twisting lyrical beatdown, Floyd L. takes the lead riff and the solo. Stedman brings the funk.

A love song. A song about the very special kind of love betwixt man and stool.... Originating from September 99, this was the first time the Unit went all out for the funk. Floyd L. chanks the verse and grinds the hook, while Stedman lays the wah wah down and splanks it Eddie Hazel-style for the lead. Toledo busts the vocal melody while the slutty Professor gets dirty for the chorus.


Take a psychopath and hardwire him to some serious power tools. Patrick Bateman meets Tetsuo : Iron Man The first tune written as the Unit, knocked up in a couple of hours in Jan 98. Stedman and Boabus kick the John Inman flava in the outro.
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Only 2.49 in Virgin and Spinadisc

" Representing the culmination of human auditory evolution, this modestly priced ear candy comes complete with a variety of sonic excursions suitable for even the hardest of understanding.." - Spoon Weekly
Shatner's Lounge

You're driving through the American desert in the small hours. No street lights, a hundred and fity miles to the nearest town, only the empty highway and coyotes for company. The temperature gauge on your dashboard starts to flash red, you hear a thump and smoke starts to billow over your windscreen. The car gets slower and slower, and just when you think you're stranded, you spot a hazy neon flicker on the distant horizon. Crawling the final few yards to civilization, you're greeted by an ominous sight. Crimson stain-glass windows, rows of solid gold palm trees and a purple velour curtain doorway, guarded by two marble sphinx. Like some twisted time capsule, the gaudy seventies interior is sparsely populated with ageing stars of old TV sci-fi shows. Lording over his guests like a decadent Roman emperor, your host, owner of the club, and king of them all. Welcome. This lilting bossa nova was born in July 99. Floyd L. provides the Jobim-style rhythm and backing vocals, Stedman the floating wah and crystalline solo. The lead is all about The Voice.

Bullshit Mr. Han Man

"What were you looking for when you attacked my guards ?"
"Wasn't me"
"You were the only man outside the palace"
"I was outside, but I wasn't the only one"
"You will tell me who else"
"Mr. Han, suddenly I'd like to leave your island"
"It is not possible "
"Bullshit, Mr. Han Man !"

Floyd L. takes the chicken scratch riff and first solo in this old school groove from June 2000. Stedman drops the funky science on the wah and Bustyaleep brings the lyrical pain.

Released: May 2001
Recorded: Nov99 - Jan2001 at home
Equipment Used: Tascam analogue 8-track, Shure mics, Alesis multi-fx unit, Pioneer CDR.

For further track info, and to avoid embarrasingly unnecessary purchases, check the MP3's, read the lyrics, and garner a brief flavour of the Unit's stylings.
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