Full Name: Gumtree from-the-country Van Drumtree
Does Skins
Output Date: 9th February 1975, Hammersmith
Previous Bands: Kaleidescape, Ironic, Templeball, Thenstone, Fitz, Post-Teen Neurotic Breakdown Complex
The musical journey began for Gumtree at the age of 10 when he discovered that puzzle box lids placed on his bed combined with his mothers pots and pans created a servcieable first drum kit...
But something was missing - Gumtree quickly realised he would also require drum sticks, and, no sooner than you can say ' Watch out li'l sis, Junior Gumtree is raiding your pencil case for felt tip pens ', then Gumtree had, coincidentally, acquired some pen like drumsticks..
After becoming quite possibly the most proficient Tefal 85 player known to man, the Drumtree acquired a more conventional instrument upon which to thrash his chops, on his 14th birthday.. Upon realising that hairy bollocks had also been acquired, and they felt more inclined toward discotheque stylings, pot and lady hair, the bridge betwixt 'Gumtree' and 'Drumtree' was incomplete and dangerous in high winds.
As time elapsed, as is its wont, the smiling face of fortune cupped Gumtree in its most accomodating nasal cavity and ferried him to the Isle of Wight that is the Isle of Wight. Joining local, cunningly titled band Kaleidescape, Gumtree cut his teeth on cover songs original material and a particularly sharp toothbrush...
As is the way of local band-dom, Kaleidescape sank slowly into the solent, and the smiling nasal vehicle delivered Gumtree back to the mainland, joining Ironic, apparently a band of such astounding cheese that even a gargantu-mouse would cower in fear. Moving on, Gumtree slipped easily into Templeball, a strangely accommodating sounding original material band, covering the funk-metal-hiphop-punk spectrum in subconcious preparation for later musical adventures....
The broad stylistic swathe cut by these and other sonic blades has led Gumtree gently into the sweaty palm that is the Unit's fist. The puzzle box is complete.
Gumtree Uses:
Pearl Export
Other types of drumsticks
Mitch Mitchell, Nick Mason, John Bonham, Phil Collins, Keith Moon

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